The issue is quite complex and full of ideas. not take into account many features as they could...
2020-04-23 20:04:52
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The issue is quite complex and full of ideas.
not take into account many features as they could be the amount of gluten, solanine, because arguments too complex to give a complete answer and lose it in the depths of a topic very vast.
I then decided to take the third classifying foods from three important characteristics:
1) The processing
2) The calories
3) Food Quality

is clear that all the opinions regarding the three foods are disputable in many cases it is useless to focus only on the negatives when the positive ones are far greater.
The processing
To make a first screening on what is best between pasta rice and potatoes, consider the processing to which the foods are subjected;
remember that the more a food is subjected to the industrial process loses its nutritional value as well as not always come into contact with healthy substances.
So in this case the pasta and rice are the most discouraged because potatoes are the most natural.
The white rice in particular is obtained by a polishing process using industrial talc (harmful to health).
White flour devastates our insulin sensitivity with hormonal surges that stress the body and cellular uptake).
2) Calories
The second factor to consider are the calories.
weight Aparità 100 grams of pasta or rice bring more than three times more calories than the potato
It is true that the potato has a high glycemic index, superiorie rice and pasta, but the quality of its sugars are significantly higher and an amount of its interior much greater water. I remember so that if often eat the potatoes only worry to choose them small and possibly keep them in the dark in order to limit the production of solanine.
The solanine is a toxic product and is also present in the low-dose potato.
is poorly soluble in water and causes of poisoning symptoms (fever, paralysis in severe cases).
3) Food Quality
note that for food quality means its relationship between calories and micronutrients.
From this perspective all three are not exactly winning food.
Their big advantage is to increase the hydration of the body, stimulate the metabolism and increase muscle glycogen stores.
To conclude, therefore, I can say that the real winner of this pseudogara remains, however, the variety '.
If I continue to always eat the same foods our enzymatic diversity of our body is reduced.
The real secret is in the choice of carbohydrate sources in choosing a medium-slow-release sources.
Try to choose whole carbohydrates with al dente improves l 'affinity with glucose by the cells because they release sugars slowly in the body.