How many calories to lose weight? How come my friend eat as I do and not get fat? Why can not I...
2020-04-21 19:22:40
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How many calories to lose weight?
How come my friend eat as I do and not get fat?
Why can not I lose weight despite strict diet or otherwise lost weight very slowly?
Once calculated and verified the total calorie needs, weight loss may be enough to introduce 10-20% less than the required calories.
A slight deficit combined with a proper workout
slowly bring the body to achieve a better body composition.
Look only at the scale can be a serious mistake;
We discover between 30 ";
should be remembered that:
1) It should be noted that fat loss is not a linear process, but such waves, maybe for a few weeks it does not vary, and then suddenly drops;
2) is not all that glitters now because
a decrease in restricted weight in a day is to be paid by '
water and glycogen, so constantly weigh yourself in the 'arc of the day will not make you lose fat;
3) varies when the week is borne mainly water, glycogen, the lean body mass and fat massn.
When varies in months is borne especially fat mass;
a strategy that we can take is to reduce by 100 calories on the day each week and monitor changes and only when we vary the weight of other 50-100 kcal fall further. on average it will cut every 7-21 days.
Theoretically for magrire 500g a week we should set a calorie deficit of 3500 kcal
as 1 g fat corresponds to 7 kcal.
Theoretically should be 9 kcal but we must remember that the adipose cell is composed for a part of the aqueous component.
The more a person is fat and lean mass has (sports overweight) the more
can afford to lose weight fast, but when you get down to 15% BF (Body Fat )
in men, 24% women, the changes should not exceed 0.5 to 19% of their body weight
, not overly affect muscle mass.
A moderate approach, if we are not excessively overweight, is the mietie strategy to alter body composition, but requires temnpo and patience.