The advantages and disadvantages workout multifrequency Every year more and constantly open up...
2019-10-28 13:54:14
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The advantages and disadvantages workout multifrequency
Every year more and constantly open up discussion on the different types of protocols to be used during the training program.
Given that the customization of work especially in the field of personal training and 'behind everything;
one of the questions that most fill my days is:
It should do the workout multifrequency?
In reality there is a better workout protocol to another and it is vital change regularly the training stimulus during its path of Physical Culture - the best workout is what you have not done so.
In my point of view training in multi e'quello that greater muscle growth guarantees as a muscle is stimulated several times during the span of 7 giorn with obvious chance of growth.
In the classic split the single frequency that does not happen because the muscle is trained once every 7-9 days.
Obviously, as in all things is not everything that glitters is gold. There
elenci the advantages and disadvantages of working in multi-:
1) Increased growth in the initial phase of the training period;
2) development of large motor skills
3) work on the most important exercises with increase of intramuscular coordination with a consequent increase in load
For a detailed view of the advantages of 'training in single frequency corresponds just as a vision of the relative disadvantages which relate mainly to the high risk of injury due to ever higher progressions with the same training stimulus that is repeated several times in the same week

the potential need for very specific way to program in order to avoid overtraining
the difficulty to focus on the deficient muscles because most of the time they are in the gym dedicated primarily employs multi-joint exercises are not the point however, the accessories included exercises to further prolong the session.
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