Always when we go to the gym we see many people who train the bib with different inclinations of...
2019-10-23 10:43:47
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Always when we go to the gym we see many people who train the bib with different inclinations of the bench.
But is it really necessary?
What happens if we vary the angle of the bench?
What we are going to stimulate? Let's find out together
I remind you that optimal execution to effectively active bench press the pectoralis muscle in its entirety. Focus on these and you will get excellent results eluding irrational and useless customary paranoia but a muscle hypertrophy research context appeared, however, entirely legally enter the angle of the bench in the training schedule as a variant of execution and the work plans, but it will be important always do it with the right awareness.
In general, if you want to activate and develop further the chest high you have to tilt the bench, but if you want to activate and develop more low bosom must decline it.
appears unassailable dogma in the weight room.
At the anatomical level the pectoralis consists of two distinct portions that differ for some functions which can be summarized in:
1) more tilt the bench more movement passes from sternocostal beams -clavicolare sternum.
2) more disclaim bench more occurs the opposite effect.
The thrust from this location provides for a departure with shoulder in maximum and arrival Homer extension with a few degrees of flexion. A context in which the lower chest is definitely host.
In literature, some studies have analyzed the electromyographic activity of different beams of the chest and during different executions.
All studies are in agreement that the inclination of the bench shows evidence of increased recruitment when this should be equal to or more than 45 degrees with a massive intervention also the anterior deltoid.
Another study found that the tight grip on the barbell with flat bench increases the activity regardless of the inclination. From this it can be seen that by making for example the push ups with reduced width of the hands you will have a greater activation of the pectoralis.
sum up in a few points to say:
1) therefore is mainly involved in exercises with incline bench to 45 °
2) we can turn is the greater involvement of the chest high even with the flat bench but having the execution with reduced width of the outlet
3) the execution of bench declined Enable little high and more than low chest.
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