How many of you are wondering what to do to safely train a large muscle like that back? Better...
2019-10-21 17:42:00
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The tractions in reverse grip: why not do it! Let's find out

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How many of you are wondering what to do to safely train a large muscle like that back?
Better Use an prone or supine outlet?
Today we will face a very appealing argument that will allow you to clarify once and for all all those dynamics that trigger once there is to perform the lat machine !?
-lat machine reverse grip:
It's a performance that you see very often in the gym and oggittivamente can lift much more than a prone grip as the 'intervention of the biceps intervenes massively helping to pull down the rod. However I would not advise it not for muscular reasons or hypertrophic results but for a purely articulating question. Try
grip the bar with the supinated forearm and observed the position taken by the fingers of the hand.
You will notice that your fingers do not wrap evenly the bar, because all this is happening?
we find the answer in the articular physiology
Try to raise his arms above his head keeping the forearm supinated with the palms of the hands facing upwards. Arrived at the end of excursion you will notice that your Palmi not look back but all 'inside.
That will force if the forearm supination in 'grasp a straight bar over your head, your intake will result' incomplete in its part the final. Always remember that the human body is a perfect machine for which once detected the incongruities
try to defend against forcing.
If you do load will force the joints involved and do what they are not able to do for their morphology and physiology.
In addition, the structures such as shoulder / elbow compensate with the internal structures but cio 'in the long run could bring problems.
mainly forearm pain in those who carry this variant with perseverance and other loads ..
Curiosity: In a 2010 study it was shown that the execution goes to enable better the latissimus dorsi is the one with the prone jack: it therefore makes little sense to do the lat machine is reversed because obviously increases the joint venture and because there is no muscle benefits more than other variants definitely safer.