The suspension training has origins that go back thousands of years, just think that during...
2018-10-23 11:54:52
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The suspension training has origins that go back thousands of years, just think that during periods of circus performances or strength tests this type of training was used. However, its greatest diffusion was due to an American ex-marine who devised a tool that could allow him to train in suspension and above all it was not very cumbersome starting to try exercises wherever he was; here he took the straps of the parachute, attached two handles to it and here it took shape what we commonly call TRX. The suspension training is not as simple as it seems, as it requires a lot of technique, teaching and above all knowledge of the basic concepts. There are not many studies on this type of training but in almost all of them it has been seen that in a training of this kind there is an increase in the activation of the core compared to normal comparative exercises.

The tool:

the tool in recent years has experienced a huge "boom" thanks to the input of the American parent company that he gave the guidelines to which many fitness houses have adapted. This has also made it possible to significantly reduce costs, in some cases even to the detriment of the quality of the instrument itself.


Many models are colorful, well packaged and very appealing, but the choice of purchase or not can not be separated from many factors that can not only be those mentioned . Regarding the materials used:

1) sturdy and resistant

Regarding the supports used to vary the length of the belts:

1) practical, quick and not laborious to use.

Possibility of using different environments:

1) versatility of the hooks.

Availability of spare parts


the use of a suspension training allows us the activation of a wide range of muscles in a single exercise, or kinematic chains of which we have talked so much about the previous articles, this allows us to have a type of result more harmonious for aesthetic purposes and more.

Training with the trx allows us to be able to work the body as a whole, in fact it is possible to work the front chain, the posterior chain and the cross chains in the various exercises that we propose.

When we work in suspension we will have a greater activation of the body and in particular in the central part that is the core (central part of the body excluding arms and legs). A fundamental concept when working with the Trx is the discharge of weight, or the ability to modulate the intensity of one's exercise, thus working on a range of reasons that otherwise would not be able to obtain. This means that by the inclination that we have towards the ground we will have as a consequence a greater or lesser intensity of work. In my work with the boys, suspension training is what I love most because it allows me to be able to take responsibility for the various muscle activations but also to choose the difficulty of the exercise by more or less inclination with respect to the ground. I also noticed a more harmonious result from a physical point of view and an increased capacity for stamina and strength.

I now present you a suspension training you can do wherever you are:






Happy training to all