The deadlift (or deadlifts, deadlifts) is one of the main training exercises in the gym. The...
2020-11-08 20:13:36
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The deadlift (or deadlifts, deadlifts) is one of the main training exercises in the gym. The exercise consists of bending to grasp a barbell positioned on the ground and lift it up to return to an upright position.
dangerous Considered for the back, opposed by the owners of gyms because it ruins the parquet, eliminated from
personal trainer from the not to have customers training schedules Legal problems of injuries, but at the same
time considered, rightly, one of the leading manufacturers of strength and muscle mass ever invented by man.
The simplicity of the movement, the ability to involve almost all the muscles of the body, the relative safety given by the fact that the rocker arm can not smash against you, the pure brutality running tend this unique exercise in world of weights
since you have to pull up from the ground with an iron rod of the stuff on the sides, it is virtually impossible not to be able
execute: if you have a rack or holder for the bar, unless you have a bench, if you exercise in 3 meters
square and just ... you can still do the detachment: only a barbell and weights to create the routine full body more
History of the low tech Weightlifting: deadlift, slow up, stop. Do you think that does not work? Think bad.
The deadlift still has its "rules", on his way to be executed
With a minimum of intelligence able to get your first 100 kg, a load that seems exorbitant but it is actually affordable for all those who intend to try. Regardless of your body weight to reach 200 kg instead you'll have to learn a perfect technique.
Muscles involved:
In the deadlift are involved all the pushing muscles and pulled muscles, especially the back muscles, biceps and trapezes . In addition, the load will leverage their shoulder joints, as they are going to contract the muscles of the shoulder joint
Given the large amount of joints that are involved, the deadlift is not for everyone. Problems at the Column, hernias, protrusions, etc. are definitely not to match the performance of this exercise without the advice of a competent doctor. Before you make this lift are sure to have no problems of any kind to the spine.
While there are no comprehensive studies of the long-term training detachment, one six-month study published in the "Journal of Strength and conditioning of search" that has characterized the detachment regularly showed no ill effects on 'work out. After six months, all participants showed an increase in bone mineral density, which means that not only improved their muscle mass, but it also benefited from the skeletal system. This response is usually greater in younger subjects, while in athletes occurs regardless of age.
An exercise in which it is necessary to rise from the ground holding in his hands a heavy load can not urge the back! I do not want to behave like those that minimize the problems or highlight only the merits: the detachment can be dangerous, and much to the spine. What matters is to minimize the probability of getting hurt to bring it to the level of common activities such as running or jumping.
The good stacchista retains the shape of your spine throughout the trajectory of the movement.
Here are my guidelines to perform a great deadlift
Try to cling to the ground with the toes
Keeping the strong grip on the ground, the foot rotates outwards (10 ° -15 °)
Bend your knees slightly and portal out (your tibia creates an acute angle with your foot)
Take your hips toward the wall behind you (now the tibia becomes perpendicular to the ground)
Push your chest out
So set chin toward your chest
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