The body 11Ricomposizione Redial Body Lately you're always talking about more than "body...
2020-10-11 21:23:18
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The body 11Ricomposizione
Redial Body
Lately you're always talking about more than "body recomposition". Well, I
I think in most cases people have not grasped what is this phenomenon and, above all, do not know if it is possible, when, how and why.
What does that mean exactly body recomposition?
body recomposition mean the phenomenon that allows an increase in the
muscle mass in conjunction with a reduction in body fat. Mind you that the peculiarity of this phenomenon, and the specific protocols that would allow such results, it is suggested that you can increase muscle mass and, at the same time, you can reduce fat mass.
Normally, in fact, we are accustomed to think, plan, develop, support and suggest
protocols that provide for a time when you lose weight (mainly trying to reduce fat and only minimally
muscle mass) and then a deputy to the construction period of new
muscle mass.
He always said and did so because, in effect, is the more logical it is expected once
it was found (and take for granted) that to lose fat you need to establish an energy deficit
(low-calorie diet) and weight gain (both in fat than muscle) is
Ne- cessity of a positive energy balance (calorie).
For example, if we take a person of 100 kg with 20% body fat (so
20 kg) and this slim 10 kg lost 7 kg of fat, that we , proceeding with coarse measurements, the subject will, apparently, in percentage terms, increased muscle and lose fat at the same time.
In fact, the individual taken as an example will have a fat mass which is increased from 20% to 14-15%.
Consequently, the lean body mass will be, as a percentage, the greater.
You can make the body recomposition?
The body recomposition is a possible phenomenon that has absolutely nothing miraculous or revolutionary. It seems, in fact
that this effect is nothing but the result of a series of absolutely normal physiological reactions of the human organism, which spontaneously occurs. All you need is some basic conditions and these are:
1) Subjects obese or overweight is trained that sedentary.
2) Subjects sedentary, even meager.
3) active topics and sports but have never trained with weights.
4) Subjects who have trained with weights but for a shorter or longer period (some
month) did not train.
5) Subjects trained bad (weight training is not effective or with some de-
trained muscles).
Therefore, whoever of you is in this condition, you do not be fooled by supposed gurus who try to pass off their method as a miracle and say "let you do recomposition
There is nothing magical about what they do or will eventually, but it is the normal result that would be achieved regardless of the diet the least arranging (adequate protein intake in the first place) and the workout training with weights or at least add a few training sessions on-resistances in addition all'acrobica).
As for sports subjects, intermediate / advanced athletes, who train for years with weights, have a good composition based corporca (eg fat mass between 10 and 15%) and a commercially-developed muscle mass , body recomposition becomes more complicated:
there is no evidence or they are very weak for an excessive amount of limitations in the studies.
There are, in fact, some specially designed protocols for groped body recomposition of athletes, but scientific research has never tested. This does not mean that it is possible.
even for this type of subject, gain muscle and lose fat at the same time but we can not say with certainty that this is not rational at all possible.
However, the fact that it is possible does not mean that sin desirable to follow these protocols: it may still obtain results on average lower than those that would reach
following other methods that do not take into account the effect of pure recomposition body.