What happens in the food we eat? More sugar we eat, the greater our energy? Not really ... diet...
2020-10-05 09:15:32
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What happens in the food we eat? More sugar we eat, the greater our energy? Not really ...
diet rich in carbohydrates and low in fat stimulates the body to produce more free radicals.
Our body has two sources of energy, fat and glucose (or sugar, however you want to call it). Born
we preferably "fat burners", ie the fat is, or at least it would be, our primary energy source. It's so our "factory settings
During life, in today's society where there is an abundant production, availability and proposed carbohydrate foods (sugars and then, and then glucose), and perhaps deliberate failure to provide information in this regard, we distort them and become mostly "sugar burners" as a primary energy source and virtually unique.
Fortunately you can go back to our "factory settings" and start to operate mainly fat.
By ensuring that the same body fat is used as energy.
Methods to overcome the blocking phase of slimming or weight stalemate that stage where the diet seems to have lost effectiveness the weight drops more everything happens because the body has adapted to the diet through physiological adaptations succeeded find a balance and stability.
This system focuses on fats which means that the increased energy intake comes from fats. In
about this type of diet, high fat called, or a high fat content have to almost do the obligatory details to remove some doubts:
With a diet rich in carbohydrates and low in fat is hard to lose weight?
1- it is not true that I am fat to make me fat.
What makes me fat and caloric balance monthly and / or weekly

being equal calories there is an advantage of a macronutrient each other, even if objectively and according to the latest scientific research, mitochondria work better, metabolically with fats.
2- This type of diet has always been identified as a high fat and high-protein diets but remember that they are for weight loss, that's when we want to lose weight, we must still find in calorie.
hyper Speak when you are in a phase of calorie restriction and energy is not exactly correct.
In cases of slimming blocking, high-fat diet appears to be one of the possibilities that you can make profits.
when you eat a meal rich in carbohydrates / sugars, glucose in the blood rises quickly and then fall as a result of the consequent demand and necessity of too much insulin.
And so it goes to an excess of sugar to a deficiency in a few hours (2/3 or less), and so throughout the day.
As a result, you have to eat often do not feel weak, have an energy slump, physical and cerebral, or be in a bad mood ... and hunger still remains.
also if it only to sugar, you end up creating imbalance in all the hormones and then in the whole organism.
In these type of lipid diets more they activate fat metabolism, caused by an increased introduction of fats and low in sugars, which lead the body to burn, of course fatter.
are going to metabolize fat stores that maybe with other diet would not be affected and in addition also allow us to improve the metabolic flexibility leading to an improvement of cell metabolism because they are eliminated old cell organelles that no longer work.
Another advantage, sometimes overlooked is that even allow us to have:
1) Greater sense of satiety;
2) Increased energy;
3) Greater clarity and responsiveness.
Here's an example of a method that can be applied a bit 'all.
LA Most macronutrients, for 50%, proveniranno by Grassi, while the proteins must be greater than all '1.5g / 2g grams per kg body and finally the daily carbohydrate will be less than 75 g per kg body weight body.
A note from attenzionare are the classic carbohydrate-ups that can be inserted in midweek, ie from Monday to Thursday and the other on the weekend.
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