In the period of mass people do not know how to train and after the first gym periods, easily...
2020-09-28 07:57:41
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In the period of mass people do not know how to train and after the first gym periods, easily luffed up in all parameters and are increasingly seeking to kill himself out with weights with a variety of intensive techniques but then the results without doping remain always the same and even more easily all spring.
The hardest part during the bulking phase is not the diet that is more or less set with an energy surplus 300- 500 calories how much of 'training program.
In fact if we fail to plan our training we do not achieve anything and then not be able to improve our volume, our strength and our density.
Why is it important the correct programming of 'training?
The reason is that without the appropriate guideline, we will not give your body the right stimulus to increase muscle tissue.
It happens so many times in my personal training business in Catania I receive requests for advice, many users who do not respond to the gym.
I ask in many cases the facts programs so far, or at least five months of training cards.
In most cases it is seen that during the months allenanti parameters remained more or less equal.
Here if you have difficulty gaining weight concentrate not only focus on diet but also and especially on training.
So why even by training I can not gain weight?
But what should we say to those skinny people who introduce many calories which also do not change weight.
What happens?
Let's start by saying that in many cases we have not unpacked hormonal values, such as an overactive thyroid that could lead the person to introduce more food but not as we see the effects or in the case of malabsorption.
The causes can be summarized in two main parameters:
The first cause can be formed specific dynamic action, or how our body uses and consumes to absorb and digest food.
Normal people on average consume 10% of the calories we introduce to assimilate and digest them.
It is seen that in people who do not get fat, the specific dynamic action may even triple, 30% of what we ingest is transformed into heat and the body does not produce new synthetic molecules.
It becomes very difficult to get fat if you eat more and more disperse into heat
In the second case we are dealing with people who usually fail to acquire the weight because they are just "lazy" because they unwittingly They move more, do the little things that add up throughout the day increase the caloric expenditure.
are people little chilly, they have a good self-regulation and takes the body some good energy to maintain a stable body temperature without having to cover too.
What is the real remedy for these situations?
In fact in all these cases we can do very little if you do not put your heart at rest and follow the physiological laws that apply to the building of muscle mass that are equal for all.