How often to train your abs? How many times a week you have to train? Better to train the...
2020-09-21 13:40:25
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How often to train your abs?
How many times a week you have to train?
Better to train the abdominals "high or low"?
These are the questions that are most often to me in my work as a personal trainer in Catania.
It makes sense to train three times a week every day?
The popular belief is that the abdomen is a muscle group that recovers quickly and should therefore be trained several times a week to get results. Usually
tabs are always present, there are those who put them before, who puts them later.
We make most of compound exercises always trying to lift more weight and the only thing that prevents our column from falling into a pile of bones is the abdomen.
Since their function is to stabilize the trunk, if we do the exercises like deadlift, squat or overhead presses, we must have a control of the body so it is better not to pre-tire them.
Recall that in principle the division of red and white fibers are almost 50% in our corpo.Cosi as in 'abdomen according to this theory, the abdomen should work at both high and high repetitions frequently both as overloads, progressive over time just like other muscles in the gym.
When we see the tables and anatomical drawings are normally tiny Bianchi all the others are red, abdominal and para-spinal instead they are drawn Bianchi- yellowish
The answer is that the core working virtually around the clock at least if we stand because it is a muscle that helps us stay upright even if we do not realize it.
The body what it does?
Since the energy expenditure due to the contraction-decontrazione system it is high, with the time the body starts to adapt, to the muscle fibers replacing the connective tissue that is able to maintain the tension even without contraction.
This will allow us to save energy.
The structure is the function of the service
In conclusion, this is the reason why no matter what kind of training do the hypertrophic response of the abdominal will always be a few centimeters and not very obvious as in all other muscle groups.
A better body composition is a result of training we do.
Therefore the abdominal training is not targeted to train the abdominals but to optimize the gesture where the abs are more stressed
(squat, deadlift, overhead presses). So the development of these muscles combined with a better body composition will be a response to training.
Ultimately the question
How often should I train a week abs?
The answer is simply how many times do you need to improve the gesture to the gym and be master of the movement.