To get strong takes time, it takes perseverance and above all you have to work a lot on...
2020-09-14 15:30:17
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To get strong takes time, it takes perseverance and above all you have to work a lot on technique, on the progression of the exercises.
The phase of building muscle is a period in which the main purpose is that of 'increase in muscle mass, hypertrophy.
With this term refers to an increase in the volume of the cells that make up the same muscle tissue, mainly its cross-section and / or the muscle circumference.
L 'increase in muscle mass can occur via two different routes:
1) a myofibrillar hypertrophy;
2) a sarcoplasmic hypertrophy;
the myofibrillar hypertrophy relates to the proteins of the muscle cell, (actin and myosin) that form sarcomeres and which are formed by contractile units.
How can you get?
high intensity strength workouts stimulate this type of hypertrophy: increasing the number of sarcomeres in parallel and accordingly the tension that the muscle can generate.
sarcoplasmic hypertrophy is given by an increase in the volume of the sarcoplasmic or the fluid component, non-contractile muscle.
In this case it develops through lattacidi workouts which deplete glycogen leading to cellular data volume increases by a better hydration of the cells.
IMPORTANT- there is only hypertrophy.
During a strength workout we will see a simultaneous increase, more facing towards one type or the other, but muscle growth is always 360 °. Finally
cellular hydration increases the pressure of the cells and increases the mechanical tension that can generate the muscle: there is a functional hypertrophy.
The three factors that determine muscle hypertrophy are:
1) mechanical tension
2) metabolic stress
3) muscle damage
The mechanical tension, that mainly due the type of intensity, namely the actual load on the barbell will be really effective especially with high loads and with a job mainly eccentric.
The metabolic stress arises instead from the execution of exercises resistance against protracted in time and is mainly based on the accumulation of intramuscular metabolites such as lactic acid that trigger hypertrophic processes.
The muscle damage, finally, due to micro tearing of muscle fibers caused by training, which creates an inflammatory response of the organism and as a consequence potenzile response, such as, for example, the release of growth factors that regulate satellite cells and their proliferation and their differentiation.
In alternate muscle building exercises is essential to continue to give new impulses.
That fact that it is an exercise will lead to a new method to create new force to which the tissues are not yet used as a result we will have a better response and a better fit.
The real secret in increased muscle mass is to create a program that will advance the person. Simply put
counts only what you did before, what you did and what you do in terms of weight.
Over time the load, volume, density, variety increased? ok you have become bigger. END!
In conclusion, I can tell you that right calories followed by right macronutrients, rising allenanti parameters in a multi-frequency environment, will be what will make the difference.
Curiosity: if we look at the Natural Bodybuilding How to train most of the samples not only in Italy but worldwide, are all pretty much the same thing:
UP AND RAISE BIG LOADS: the bigger athletes lifting heavy loads maybe due to their genetics or maybe we have taken the time but in the end you can make the pattern you want but if there is an underlying force that allows you to have a major mechanical stress will continue to try all methods but will not do but the leap in quality '.
not seek compensation during executions because maybe today if you make 80 kg bench and tomorrow we will do 90, but these 90 are full of compensation actually did not you become stronger and muscle mass level will not have results.