Do you really want to change? How really? Why? The goals we set for ourselves are not always what...
2020-08-17 17:40:27
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How to train the buttocks without involving other muscle groups too

Do you really want to change? How
The goals we set for ourselves are not always what we want
How to train the buttocks without involving too much other muscle groups?
buttock and 'one of those muscles that allows us to do many movements we do every day like climbing stairs, recover from a squatting position, jump.
not intervene in the normal walking which is why training only doing walks or just the flat race in order to tone up our ass is a waste of time because the gluteus maximus is not involved.
CAN ISOLARE the buttock?
Unfortunately it is not possible to completely isolate a muscle group such as the squat, because to perform this exercise you need the cooperation of multiple muscle chains and different muscle groups.
Fundamental is the mind-muscle connection is to understand and activate the right muscles well, because if we only think about the gesture and we're not focused, cancel almost completely focus on our target muscle. Do not rush to use right away loads, you have to learn the movement and then be able to upload. Anatomically
the buttock is formed by:
1) SMALL AND gluteus medius
2) gluteus maximus
Generally these 3 muscles will be activated in a continuous manner and will not be for all easy to prevail l 'from each' other, we can also have the activations with different percentages in relation to the movement is done. Let me give an example:
The small and medium glute work primarily in abduction or in 'away and rotate our leg. If developed, hypertrophic and tonics are growing our seats, visually horizontally in the sense that our seats will widen, it will be wider not higher.
The gluteus maximus is the largest and most powerful muscle that we have in our body, is a hip extensor and he also participates in the rotation of the hip thigh. A
its tropism that is a catkin of muscle fibers causes our seats grow up.
So if our intent is for an aesthetic purpose is precisely on him that we must aim
But how to train him?
for you to understand the role of this muscle so as to be trained will do three examples:
1) volleyball: the buttocks are activated and participate during jumps with a load average and where the body weight and 'it distributed on both feet on the ground.
2) the 100 meters where the buttock comes into play when there crouches in the starting blocks where the load is high.
In this case the buttock of the leg that is used as an anchor for push from redo the first step shall bear almost all the body weight.
3) powerlifting and weightlifting, in which case it takes over many exercises such as squats and deadlifts where you have to align the body and especially when the burden becomes increasingly heavy barbell or dumbbells or kettbell.
understand well that those who only do the bodyweight circuits maybe not rest your foot on the ground, using only rubber bands or ankle will not stimulate our gluteus maximus, and these exercises really have a mild effect and negligible in hoping to get our loved buttock up and tonic.
surely you have already tried to work out with your feet flat on the ground hoping to hear the buttocks but the result was that only became larger thighs.
This happens because to do certain movements are necessary quadriceps but the point is that if we do not know very well run operation, it is normal that the focus moves more about the synergistic muscles or the quadriceps muscle on the target that was be the buttock. Even
to do exercises that really better not our buttocks have to carry the exercises that are difficult to perform we have to learn that we need to have a clean technique and then use an overload.
Having said all that, from tomorrow in the gym, try to work on these three exercises:
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