slim down is just a way of life Scientific research shows us that we underestimate the calories...
2020-08-14 19:29:06
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slim down is just a way of life
Scientific research shows us that we underestimate the calories we introduce at least 50% because maybe we are on a diet from Monday to Friday afternoon we made sacrifices we also hungry but then on weekends we let go and we have the perception that we have recovered the previous deficit.
In magazines we read more and the beneficial effects of something:
Caffeine has detected one of the best substances for weight loss, but there is a natural mix of products much more effective;
from studies conducted at the University it was found that a combination of pineapple and red grapefruit taken on an empty stomach enhance the effects of a low calorie diet up to 37%.
Interesting right?
shame that obviously is not the case because of the internet and especially on Facebook is full of articles that invite us to believe what is stated

all know what are the foods that are good for us and which ones are bad for us yet none simply eat a zucchini fennel without adding a little 'oil and salt
because now looking for two important features such as pleasure is the payment.
the image we have of who is on a diet is that of a sad person, who temporarily deprived of the pleasures of life.
food industry focused not on good feeding the population but on pay Here we cringe in front of the drug, when alcohol makes many more deaths and even more overweight.
remember compared to 50% of the Italian population eats at the expense of his health unsuspecting not continue to meet to meet our physiological needs but the psychological addiction that we have towards food.
The reality is that people have no idea idea of ​​how much they eat.
do an experiment:
Try to do a test on you or if you already know, the people next to you and ask: How many calories
a plate of pasta, a Florentine made grilled or smoked salmon? From
macronutrients which is formed the dough?
and meat?
The reality is that people do not really have the perception of what they eat.
Just seeing that most people consider eating when you sit at the table, so if you eat a chocolate with coffee or spilucchiano while they prepare food easily forgotten.
is very difficult for the real perception of what it eats at the end of the dieter week will written in principle and 30/40% less than it really was.
This happens because every time you Sgarra he undergoes a psychological defeat because it means not being able above all to be consistent with the goal we had set's why very often we tend to forget why the defeats never make well to the inner self.
the advice to you is to ask yourself the short-term goals that you do not lose motivation and every time you reach them will always rewarded because you will also enjoy your achievements.
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