Our health depends a lot on our nutritional status During times of cut, or those times when we...
2020-07-05 18:44:22
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Our health depends a lot on our nutritional status
During times of cut, or those times when we reduce the carbohydrates, we find it more difficult to maintain concentration as well as having a perception of effort and a increased sense of exhaustion.
These difficulties may, however, mainly last only the first two weeks, in fact the third week and then this discomfort disappears, a sign of the fact that the organism has adapted to the new food, and then to the new metabolic setup scheme.
This is the transition from purely carbohydrate metabolism to lipid metabolism, this is the stage in which the body is able to burn fat more and use them as a primary source.
One of the tips that I will give you especially to those who suffer a bloody reduction of carbohydrates so clear, especially the second week, is to redistribute the total carbohydrate in a more balanced manner by performing two mini refills, a mid week and 'other weekend.
remember that this does not mean increasing so high calories or total carbohydrates but rather in a personalized way to distribute the same amount of carbohydrates in the space of seven days.
In the traditional method that is often served up by many nutritionists and dieticians, in fact, the charging period is always made up a Saturday or Sunday, which we know as the days in which you are taking important shares of carbohydrates because even the our habits.
In the variant instead I recommend you implement a first charge in mid week (Wednesday or Thursday) and a second charge over the weekend (just a Sunday meal) equally respecting the predetermined amount.
from the point of view of energy With regard to the body composition and the insertion of a charging midweek not going to change absolutely nothing or compromise the fonale result.
what wetsuit And if anything, to a lesser exploitation of glycogen recomposition that is sacrificed as a function of an improvement of daily living conditions and especially during the workout.
In the latter case we have the possibility to be able to train better, with greater intensity and especially in a more lent goes.
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