A calorie is not a calorie 2000 kcal of table sugar are equal to 2000 kcal of chicken breast and...
2020-06-30 11:49:23
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A calorie is not a calorie
2000 kcal of table sugar are equal to 2000 kcal of chicken breast and vegetables?
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One of the factors that influence the determination of body composition is represented by the famous pyramid of factors.
The pyramid of the factors has the basic certain characteristics, parameters that matter most instead apex those that are most negligible.
If we analyze well the pyramid itself, we realize that supports the phrase A calorie is a calorie why the basis is the energy balance that is the most important parameter to consider in the modification of their body composition (gaining weight , slim down, putting more fat, more muscle and so on)
years and above cycle has always been considered mainly by personal trainers, nutritionists, doctors, even researchers in the field who have asserted the theory that a calorie is a regardless of calorie 'food.
At first, if we look at the same pyramid we realize that in terms of energy budget level the body only recognizes the incoming energy from any source it comes from, giving the same value and the same importance to the calories in entry.
However, most of the experts has not understood the remaining parts of the pyramid in which they are taken into account four macro factors that affect in an important way such as low-fat and micronutrients.
are factors that influence so much the change in body composition.
not enough to say that a calorie is a calorie.
From the energy point of view it is so and anyone who says otherwise is telling lies, however, the point is also true that we can not rely only and only on the calories: we eat to produce energy, but we assume the nutrients.
the question I posed at the beginning, I can give my answer:
obviously are not equal with regard to the far-reaching effects on our body, and the reason is very simple: chicken and vegetable intake different nutrients and more varied than just zucchero.allo same way, but from the point of view of calories so energy, 2000 chicken calories is equal to 2000 calories of sugar.
This means that in theory, you can lose weight by taking only 800 kcal of sugar, but what changes is not the energy balance but rather the nutritional status. Assuming fact
2000 kcal of sugar we have created certain metabolic effects, we would not have introduced protein and essential amino acids useful for survival and for maintaining muscle dellaadda and we will not have added essential fatty acids.
In conclusion we can say that the pyramid of influential factors on body composition does not support the phrase A calorie is a calorie, but should make us reflect on the fact that we can also work on other factors, levels of other, less important but still increasingly influential, always considering that for weight loss is necessary to create a calorie deficit.
addition, our health depends a lot on our nutritional status that does not have iron deficiency, vitamins, calcium, take adequately antioxidants is definitely the 'goal that we have set ourselves.