How many times have you heard from someone with the weekend or Christmas dinner, is greased? How...
2020-06-19 17:12:39
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How many times have you heard from someone with the weekend or Christmas dinner, is greased?
How many times have you said to yourself after a birthday party?
The topic has aroused so much curiosity CryptoStream so interesting that were conducted several times controlled studies in order to actually figure out how much fat can accumulate in a hyper-power days.
This concept may seem a kind of unwritten law, which almost all relate but then almost no one fails to apply with mental clarity
Well, it has been seen that even after a day with surplus of 2,000 kcal the body fat increases were negligible (about ten gram) and often not even measurable. This brings a new confirmation to the fact that to make us gain weight is not the day outside the box in which you may go out with a friend who did not see for years and eat a bit 'more, but rather the continuous overeating, in the days, weeks in the months. The
obese, in fact, despite often asserts just the opposite, is not obese because during the Christmas holiday has eaten too much, and is not obese because the other day he ate the dessert.
èobeso Rather it has for months or more likely years. His lifestyle is tendenzalmente sedentary and eat it, too, almost every day.
This also leads me to dwell a moment to refer to a phenomenon that, soprattuttu on the web, with Facebook and various blogs, spreads rapidly: more and more people, personal trainers or nutritionists, publish the so-called "before and after" showing sculpted abs. the caption of these images is often made up of a huge list of consumed sugars or fats
even with low quality foods (such as cookies, cakes, industrial chocolate bars.)
the attempt, probably, is to say "look, I'm a magician, I can make people slim down even making them eat what I want, about metabolism ...." what armva
people, however, something more like this: "wow, there is no need of calorie restriction to have the sculpted abs, that eats 5000 kcal of biscuits and snacks and watch your abs." the fundamental problem is
that in that "before and after", there is no path in whole but only the starting point and the final result, and the caption refers only to the last (or the last) day / the power.
This is totally misleading: the sculpted abs were obtained with periods, perhaps even long, hypo-feeding.
What these people do is a little 'how to click a selfie after the game, once you sit down and rest with a bottle of champagne in hand to celebrate: it captures the achievement of a goal
, results final but not the long journey, struggled, which was necessary,