Today we speak of the relationship that exists between the alcohol and the results in the gym....
2020-06-11 19:24:19
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Today we speak of the relationship that exists between the alcohol and the results in the gym.
We can say that the 'Alcohol has a biphasic for many hormones because in acute and short-term behaves in a certain way while in chronic changes radically.
In our brain initially systems have a euphoric phase, especially when we begin to drink but if this occurs in chronic or continues for a long time, leads to a general depression.
important to know that the recommended daily intake in humans is up to 24 g per kilogram of body weight and 12 g per kg of body weight in women.
A quantity 12 g corresponds to what?
a can of beer, 120 milliliters of red wine and hard liquor 40.
women have fewer enzymes responsible for metabolism of alcohol and thus can supportarne a lower amount.
We analyze the main characteristics in relation to:
1) the amount and relationship with other foods
2) Sleep and numbness capacity
3 ) Hormone
4) protein synthesis
remember, however, in the case in which respect the parameters are not going to affect the results.
Furthermore, if drunk alone, has a high conversion of thermogenesis induced by its solution while when we take it with other foods turns out to be around 7%.
2) In relation to sleep, the ingestion of alcoholic and super alcoholic involves two completely different fields of action, especially in relation to time
L 'alcohol in the first phase there He makes you fall asleep but then after sleep is less restful and we easily wake up before. So
Initially it facilitates and causes it but then it gets worse and facilitates the early awakening.
3) A moderate consumption improves insulin sensitivity, unfortunately, even with only 15 mg per kg of body weight results in a halving of the GH values ​​and one of its complete cancellation appears with grams above 24 g.
4) With regard to the protein synthesis already with a share of 0.8 mg per kg of body weight, is lowered by 63% but unfortunately the damage do not last only 24 hours because on the gonads and on testosterone has an effect for 96 hours to follow, and if we assume nearly 3 grams per kg everything is restored only after seven days.
this causes for men and drink constantly go chronically affect the results in the gym
The curious thing for women is slightly different because alcohol not only has a strong hypogonadal activities but it should be very stimulating the adrenal gland increases production of cortisol, increased to 150% and testosterone.
The girls who drink chronically find themselves with higher testosterone of 25- 50%.
So it is better to seek the satisfaction of the gym and not from drinking.