/> Breakfast like a king - Lunch Dinner Principe- from a poor sense? Because someone slimming...
2020-06-07 20:55:00
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/> Breakfast like a king - Lunch Dinner Principe- from a poor sense?
Because someone slimming preferring not to eat in the evening?
It is commonly thought that before going to bed is not right to make a carbohydrate meal, which is rich in carbohydrates, mainly for two reasons:
1) calorie Take:
eat sugar and carbohydrates ago more fattening, and we are not going to burn and consume energy will be converted and stored as fat
2) HORMONE Question: Yes
is convinced that making a high-carbohydrate meal before going to bed go in contrast with the growth hormone or GH.
Good news!
When we go to sleep we do not switch off, as it were, an on-off switch, our metabolism is actually very similar to when we, for example, on the couch rather than the desk to work.
When is an energy-impact work such as office work, energy variations will not be so significant as to warrant a change in the amount of carbohydrates throughout the day.
We also tell you more:
There are various reasons which involve a good habit of eating carbohydrates at night:
1) Sugars increase the drowsiness, it activates the activity of the parasympathetic system so if you have trouble falling asleep, make a rich dinner carbohydrate meal is the best solution.
2) Take carbohydrates at night increases the secretion of leptin during the day, this hormone is vital to keep under control hunger, so critical for the weight loss.
3) The carbohydrates in the evening they increase the levels of serotonin, a precursor of the hormone melatonin.
latter is fundamental to good sleep.
Note that in fact carbs are not going to directly stimulate serotonin but increasing insulin activity and improves the 'amino acid uptake phone.
In fact the true protagonist is tryptophan, which in turn is also a precursor of serotonin and therefore increases when the concentration of this amino acid will have a greater production of melatonin.
The famous saying: Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner as a poor sense?
Because someone slimming preferring not to eat in the evening?
Because the intermittent diet has been successful?
Remember that still counts the weekly calorie intake !!!
If you eat so much in one meal and in 'period of two consecutive days does not mean that you are going to get fat!
Because the body does not think very well.
The most important factor is the calories in the week and not the individual day so if I take a day or two days overdoing the quantity but the remaining 5 am on a diet actually dimagrirò too - ripetita iuvant-
Feel then free to choose the diet that best suits you because there is no diet that works for everyone, but what really matters is calories, macronutrients and the endurance to continue the diet.
I remind you that if a diet is not sustainable in the long run will certainly be a failure, so only able to achieve your goals without eating weird thi