exogenous Ketones What are they? They lose weight? Let's go with understand what are the ketones...
2020-06-02 12:18:15
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ketones EXOGENOUS MAKE WEIGHT LOSS? Let's find out

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exogenous Ketones
What are they?
They lose weight? Let's go with
understand what are the ketones
energy molecules are very useful for our body because normally our brain prefers glucose as a source.
When we make a ketogenic diet, a type of power completely in favor of the fat with the absence of carbohydrates, our central nervous system is still energized through the formation of ketone bodies which are elements that can pass the blood-brain barrier.
ketone bodies HURT? In the old
nutrition books it says that ketone bodies are bad but really ketone bodies are bad only if they are in excess in healthy subjects. These
you can not accumulate beyond a certain amount and concentration that we find in the blood does not vary its ph.
Exogenous ketones do to lose weight?
answer is absolutely NO !!
1) Exogenous ketones when your body takes them and increase in our blood going to shut down the oxidation of fatty acids because they will cause excessive increase of ketone bodies is derived from 'adding exogenous and both the metabolism of fatty acids.
Who says you have to hire the exogenous ketones to go to stimulate lipid metabolism in fact, acute been off the oxidation of its fat.
Recall that is always the relationship between the inputs and outputs that determines whether caloric us to dimagriamo or less.
2) Exogenous ketones sold as a supplement then make 4.5 kcal per gram actually assunono of additional calories inbound, and then we go out of that principle repeatedly said the reduced caloric intake
3) ketones lead to satiety?
The answer is yes, it is true ketones have a satiating effect on the central nervous system but the other side exogenous ketones are sold in powder form and then in liquid form or derived so the less satiating than a solid meal. So we have absolute certainty that the weight loss resulted from this or that course we are eating less.
4) may be recognized as a meal replacement?
Absolutely, but with completely unbalanced proportions and non-functional for our purpose.