How to set the phase of definition We all know how the Bodybuilding is represented by...
2020-05-24 18:01:03
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How to set the phase of definition
We all know how the Bodybuilding is represented by alternating between a mass period and a period of definition. If in the first phase the aim will be to put as much muscle mass as possible (keeping down the level of fat mass), the purpose of the diet to define is to lose body fat while maintaining as much muscle mass as possible. A necessary condition, but not sufficient, it is proper investment in the period of mass (remember the definition starts when you mass), at this point, however, as we will have to act? In this article we look at a diet as per the definition by understanding the mechanisms and possible strategies.
Two methods in relation to time
this when you want to get in the best possible condition in the shortest possible time, so the time available is very little.
You have to make a drastic cut of dependents calories of carbohydrates and fats and increase proteins.
L 'elevated protein is really very subjective, and values ​​can range from 2.2 to 3.2 to 3.5 grams per kilogram of weight, all to safeguard our lean body mass.
Another fact that you have to make concerns the fat:
The advice I give to all my guys is to not fall below 0.6 but rather to remain in precisely 0.6 and 0 , 8.
figure there will never go because. Finally
carbohydrates would be a good idea to not eliminate them altogether but to reduce them gradually up to 2g-2.5 g per kg of body weight. (Take course with pliers these tips because it really is all very subjective). To have a physical good especially for the beach, these values ​​should be just fine.
I remember a thing in the long run it definitely is not sustainable, because it influences us in private life, because it makes us tired, makes us irritable.
To continue in this setting system we have to deal with really motivated people, because if he never did after a few days usually tends to blow it.
A different and to start cutting calories much more slowly.
A different matter is to start cutting calories in a much more slow and controlled. To establish
first thing obviously our daily caloric goal, for example, establish approximately 2800 calories through TDEE of the calculations, these 2800 calories per day maintaining and we note that with these values, our weight remains stable .this REPRESENTS OUR STARTING POINT.
From now on we can start to drop weight so from 2800 calories a day pass to 2500 calories per day, or 300 calories cut these 300 calories charged 70% from carbohydrates, and 30% from fats.
Proteins begin to rise, and as we go to always cut more calories over time, the proteins must be equated and increase ssempre more.
Depending on the subjects in a period of time that varies between the 10 and the 16 days we can see a physical variation in load of the mass of adipose tissues.
So the advice I give is to assess our progress by taking the circumferences in the most critical and weight.
If we are not dropped weight in the way we expected, though we are not dropped in the right way depending on the cut means that we have done something wrong and then we have to change something in training or in calories. If we could find a
this last situation, we can further reduce the other 300 calories. This
to allow time also to the body and metabolism and to get used to not go immediately in trouble and feel hungry fatigue in a short time.
This second approach is a bit 'longer because it takes more time and obviously in this case you have to really be much better at not overdriven especially on weekends, when we are really encouraged to do so. In short, we must have much more clear lens FOCUS.