On the testosterone especially in the gym, there are a whole series whole series of myths...
2020-05-18 15:46:41
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On the testosterone especially in the gym, there are a whole series whole series of myths
remember two important features of this hormone:
1) What is really important is the free testosterone in the bloodstream, as is the one that performs the actual action for which the request is very high by sportsmen and sportswomen.
2) This hormone decrees the fundamental difference between man and woman in terms of lean mass and fat mass, and more generally of body composition.
Testosterone levels really have a great importance because when these values ​​drop more easily suffer from depression, insecurity, insomnia and more easily feel fatigue and exhaustion.
also considerably down we also have a worsening of body composition with an increase in fat mass and a decrease in contractile mass.
All this concerns not only the man but also the woman who has much lower levels testosterone but when we have a decrease in libido and all the factors I have previously explained.
After they have seen results from anabolic derived from testosterone, sports athletes have tried in every way to find stratagems that, naturally without side effects, would lead to its increase.
The two factors that can influence an increase in testosterone production are:
L 'diet first thing we must be within a range of body fat that is 8-10% up to 14/15%; If you exceed this range on high, the fat cells convert testosterone into estrogen, the female hormone, but if you are too skinny body decreases hormone production.
Finally if you want to improve the levels of 'gonadal hormone, try to stay within this range.
If we introduce with the diet low in fat, or less than 0.8 g, the endogenous production can not go at full speed as they assume in excess we have no further benefits.
An important role is also given from carbohydrates that have the function, thanks to 'insulin, to maintain the proper relationship between free testosterone and the totale.I
factor limiting testosterone la.produziome are:
1) alcohol as it increases la.produzione endogenous testosterone favor of so its conversion to estradiol even in the days following the "drunk".
2) Deficiencies in Zinc:
In the gym weight training, has a positive effect on hormone levels after acute but then tend to return to normal levels.
so the years were born several supplements that use natural active ingredients to implement it scientifically but have many shortcomings.
The muscle hypertrophy and date primarily from a receptor advantage and not by an increase in testosterone (in Natural).
In the latter, the blood changes are not as important as the marketing would have us believe.
in those who dopa the question changes because testosterone may be more than 10-20 times the maximum physiological levels thus bringing a significant increase in mass contractile even in those who are not training.
Among other things, we should remember that an increase in the port base value easily to a conversion to estrogen; then admitted that we can easily find a natural food that highly unlikely stimuli could prevent its conversion.