The #squat is one of the must-exercises that can never be lacking in a training program for the...
2020-05-16 18:56:49
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DOWN IN THE SQUAT? Let's find out

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The #squat is one of the must-exercises that can never be lacking in a training program for the lower limbs.
To make an effective squats are a few essential rules, which I'll talk about in 'article.
The question that I often make: Massimiliano AS I HAVE COME DOWN TO BE EFFECTIVE?
The answer in this case is DEPENDS.
It depends on the objective that we aim to achieve, because we can work as much as the gluteus quadriceps. This depends on how we go down; I'll explain why
The first rule to perform a squat the best is to maintain the physiological curves of our spine.
we know that the curves of the column have an important role because they distribute in a more or less equitable across the load over the entire length of the column.
This tells us that when we perform the squat exercise as we must always maintain the lumbar curve often is seen to flatten this stretch When we go down under the hole is quite natural but the load is mainly moves on the lower limbs and not on column so we are relatively protected, but we maintain the extension of the lumbar spine and we are sure and and we are working mainly with our buttock.
When we retrovertiamo the lumbar curve, we're shortening (buttock) and we are removing the work from this muscle belly is redistributing column is on the lower limbs. Finally
retrovertere not only is more dangerous for our spine but it also cut power to the gluteus maximus. I
remember to do work well the buttocks we have to go more with the squat, going to flex the hip, resulting in a higher elongation of the gluteus maximus. Take for example the squat with little depth because more work mainly of the knee and involves little hip, then work primarily quadriceps.
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