Weight loss: calculation of the calorie deficit The slimming is a long-term process, it is an...
2020-05-13 13:56:49
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Weight loss: calculation of the calorie deficit
The slimming is a long-term process, it is an achievement that occurs day by day.
A slight deficit combined with a proper workout
slowly bring the body to achieve a better body composition.
Remember that to lose weight you do not need sporadic acts of heroism but small achievements silently in several days.
is why it is very difficult to lose weight from the psychological point of view, since we're all good in the short, very short period and few manage to be consistent in the long run.
weight loss takes time: occasional workouts, exhausting and self-punishing for "knocking out" more pounds possible in a few hours because it is not serving the energy balance (energy intake - calories consumed) over the week and month to determine the Slimming
Recall also that our metabolic state depends not only on our beloved or hated geneteca but it depends, also, from our past history, how we lived our food and motor life.
Changing our lipid homeostasis is really difficult if related to small periods of time, in fact the most important issue is not so much losing weight but rather KEEP.
Why is this happening?
The moment dimagriamo our adipocytes, emptied of their contents, increase the storage capacity of fat with growth factors that increase too 'them, providing an easier option to take back weight.
Calculation of TDEE
IL TDEE consists in daily caloric requirement that can be calculated through various methods that will list at the bottom and is the parameter on which we must adhere to not increase and lose weight.
Here lists of their TDEE calculation methods:
1) APP
2) mathematical calculations
APP: Today many applications available on various smartphone allow us to It can calculate your daily calorie needs
is a very simple calculation that involves multiplying your body weight to 32/34 if you're a man, but if you are a woman to 28/30.
is important to note a key feature.
Once you have calculated your daily calorie needs we have to stick to the first two weeks exactly to this count and note any changes in weight.
If we notice that our weight increases, we have to plan what we call metabolic reset.
in a nutshell, we can not immediately act on calorie cuts but we must keep these values ​​due to the TDEE still a bit 'of time until there assesteremo at the metabolic level, thus achieving a balance.
The calculation of daily caloric needs allows us to understand how we must act during calorie cuts. Here
fact that in principle you cut a minimum of 15% of TDEE WEEKLY.
Once calculated and verified the total calorie needs, weight loss may be enough to introduce 10-20% less than the required calories.
Usually in a man caloric cuts may vary from 2500 to 3500 calories per week while a woman from 1500 to 2500 calories.