Workouts to heat and hydration What happens when we train in the heat? That means the body has...
2020-04-30 16:47:06
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Workouts to heat and hydration
What happens when we train in the heat? That means the body has to dissipate heat?
all know how it is important not to train during the hottest hours, especially in summer; how important it is to replace fluids and salts lost during our workout. When we mean hot environments usually turn to temperatures ranging from 26 ° C to 28 ° C
But what happens in our body when we train with high temperatures?
What are the mechanisms that come into play to regulate the temperature of our body?
By now it is well known that our temperature must remain at temperatures which may vary from 35.5 to 37 degrees and its body adjustment is adjusted by the blood flow to and from feedback systems managed by 2 thermometers; one at the central level and one at the peripheral level.
The first is the hypothalamus and the second is constituted by a set of thermoceptors places at skin level.
During l 'exercise our body temperature can go over 40 ° C also resulted from the majority of' energy converted into heat. It is clear that the raising of the temperature definitely leads to improvements of gaseous exchanges of chemical MA up to a certain point.
Exceeded 40 degrees the body loses its ability to adjust the heat inside see nervous system is thus hindered.
Nell 'hypothalamus is read the temperature of the blood flow, and if it were high, acts by modifying all the parameters at both central and peripheral level such as:
1) Getting the sweat glands
2) vasodilating smooth muscles around the arteries as well as those of the skin.
3) Activation of the functions of the endocrine glands, which perform the function of preventing loss of fluids and salts.
The cooling processes della.cute and consequently of the body occurs through physical phenomena such as:
1) Conducting
2) Convention
3) Irradiation
4) Steaming
a leak of 4.3 x 100 through the door sweat also to a reduction in the 20/30 percento.com performance we have seen the main method that body disperses heat and l ' evaporation.
in sweat We must not only water but above electrolytes. When you wish to call the hormone, as we said earlier limits the loss of sodium.
it may happen that if the fluid loss is really high, the action of the endocrine glands, to retain the salts is not enough and we still need to reintegrate through of exogenous substances. (Drinks saline).
I remember an excessive loss of money leads to a deterioration of the nervous system, a deterioration of the muscle contraction up to the cramps.