We do the personal trainer is a true fashion of the moment, very few do it with dedication,...
2020-04-27 21:59:19
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Different because we are CONSISTENT with our ideas.

We do the personal trainer is a true fashion of the moment, very few do it with dedication, passion and above all professionalism.
But what does it mean professionally?
Being a professional means to live as a professional on your work, invest and above all behave as such.
Unfortunately my world is not much regulation, or rather not at all, it just so happens that many, too many, come into this world by the secondary doors with two training courses 48 hours and above all without any minimum academic knowledge.
for those who wanted to become a personal trainer you are spoiled for choice, as there are really wide variety of courses. Some courses are even taking place, as I said in one weekend while other accounts are only theoretical lessons.
But we are sure that anyone become qualified as a personal trainer is really able to perform the job?
today is really easy to find also a personal trainer willing to follow us online also point isofer networks are excellent tools and excellent showcases for thousands of profiles that offer this service.
course within these platforms there are real professionals, competent to stand out from others but it's really hard to recognize unless you have a clinical eye.
Unfortunately for the historical moment we are going through it seems that the personal on-line training activities're winning.
But are we really sure that the online coaching both of all our problems?
you really sure that paying in some cases is very small sums can get results?
My idea always been consistent over the years; I have always chosen to live my live work, or follow all my kids daily with the great opportunity of being able to monitor weekly (skinfold, anthropometry), and especially CORRECT DURING THE EXECUTION OF EXERCISES.
All this could not be done through an 'online activities, if not through a very rough system.
Finally, allow me a final remark on payments:
Many PT require payment as a refill on your Postepay card without releasing any kind of bill: by doing so remain no evidence of a real employment contract between us and them, therefore are insured in case of cancellation retaliation if something goes wrong some point disappear just as soon as you ask some information about the billing mode (perhaps even cutting off any possibility of contact).