You can lose weight by eating ice cream ?! It happens to all of us now to become aware of more...
2020-04-22 21:19:48
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You can lose weight by eating ice cream ?!
It happens to all of us now to become aware of more and more diverse diets alone and with only one goal to make you lose weight.
1The banana diet
2) The Lemon Diet
3) The diet of chocolate
All these diets have the basic 'idea of ​​eliminating the sense of frustration and mentally deprived, working mainly in the psychological aspect.
are inserted generally forbidden foods in normal diets in order to avoid falling into the classic uncontrolled bingeing once the diet or especially during.
Most of these dietary approaches are born from the idea of ​​making more sustainable diets over time guaranteeing greater participation by end users.
But is it really so?
The majority of users who are turning to personal trainers are doing so because they want to change their physical and mental state, seeing himself as a result of the mirror getting better.
In the various articles I have published over time I have always said that to lose weight we need a calorie deficit that is consuming more calories than we bring in, but the biggest problem is figuring out what comes from was the weight loss, charged which component (liquids, fats, muscles).
energy deficit you can also eat only ice cream, returning all 'inside of caloric window, but making you lose weight but you will improve MAI positively your body composition.
My advice?
The personal training business in Catania has always led me to go further, to adapt their feeding strategies according to the person in front of me;
what I recommend is to make sustainable food plan so that you manage to maintain it above all, do not deprive themselves nor make you get carried away by too much processed foods.
If YOU are looking for a good training method that you can help to increase your muscle mass do not hesitate to contact us through our Facebook business page. I want to clarify that our training programs can pleasure as pleasure, but I can assure you is that really work