You have a life that gym but with poor results ?! You always run generic programs of muscle...
2020-04-19 19:17:36
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You have a life that gym but with poor results ?!
You always run generic programs of muscle growth ever imprinted on you that you do not ever lead to anything?
All training programs you've done up to now have always been based on a classic 3x10 or 4x8, but why?
Let's take a moment of clarity
In recent years studies have shown that there is no real Hypertrophic range. A load from 30% to 100% always induces hypertrophy if it generates the maximum voltage
time (failure).
So rather than focusing only on the range, should periodize and exploit every stimulus.
At the physiological level it is important to remember that:
) training with high loads and low reps stimulate the core to increase the production of mRNA, essential for protein synthesis. Theoretically is testosterone the key hormone that
stimulated with this range;
2). lattacidi workouts, over medium-high reps with low to medium loads, further activate the ribosomal activity, essential for mRNA transcription. At this juncture are the mechanical-dependent growth factors and GH (to a lesser extent) to stimulate muscle hypertrophy
3) the hormonal regulation is given by an increase in cell receptors trained
myocytes rather than a real increase (significant) in hormone levels;
In general, the main factors that generate hypertrophy are:
A) inside the mechanical Illavoro
series, the TUT,
B) The eccentric contractions,
C ) Lowering riverse phosphate and ATP.
All this shows us that work on all the range hypertrophic (both with fundamental and complementary with
) directly and train all muscle groups is physiologically optimal way to get the best results