The concept of "healthy weight" is personal and depends on the vision that everyone has of...
2020-04-01 15:14:28
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The concept of "healthy weight" is personal and depends on the vision that everyone has of himself and of his hypothetical imaginary ideal weight.
But at a scientific level the concept of healthy weight is a more structured argument, which puts a strain on those who want to lose weight and maintain the right weight over time.
-Be aware of their BMI (body mass index) of body mass index.
-Composition body: fat mass, lean, liquid.
-Tdee or caloric expenditure due to vital activities.
These data are a starting point for structuring a food and personal training program.

We made it: you've reached your target weight !!!!
Watch with satisfaction the number on the scale and see (or you convince yourself) that the clothes you sock much better.
Now we can finally stop refusing cocktails, dinner invitations or pizzate.
seems too good to be true and indeed it is: once you reach the ideal weight with many sacrifices, a way of life wrong to bring you back exactly to the starting point.
is clear that the very idea of ​​sacrifice requires that it be done within an acceptable time window.
-How can sacrifice?
-How many hardships you inflict?
The reason why they quickly resumed the lost weight once the diet finished, is that perhaps the very concept of being wrong diet. You do not have amounts of rapid weight loss cycles because they still rely on momentary loss: you lose fluids, for example, you lose the stored fat. But if you're not changing lifestyle, your daily routine, it is virtually certain that will regain all the weight they lost, with interest.

* The weight of shape changes during the life depending on the physiological moment where you are ( adolescence, adulthood, old age, pregnancy);
* normality can not be defined only by a mathematical operation with few variables: You can calculate your BMI yourself if you want, but remember that counts only partially;
* your fitness level and your muscle mass affect more or less important way: trained with regularity and consistency;
* healthy weight is ideal when it results in a reduction in risk factors for your health: consult your doctor to find out what in your case;
* Replace the phrase "I'm going on a diet" with "change of lifestyle (food)": Replace refined grains with whole grains, increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits during the day, put healthy sources of protein, are all behaviors that gradually will bring big changes in your health status; *
the optimal form is the one that makes you feel at ease with yourself and with the others;
* maintain a healthy weight is possible with the final editing of small daily habits, proceed in small steps.
not delete pasta and bread, for example, but the decrease in the time portion.
If YOU are looking for a good training method that you can help to increase your muscle mass do not hesitate to contact us through our Facebook business page. I want to clarify that our training programs can pleasure as pleasure, but I can assure you is that actually work