/> Change begins today. Discover what makes the differenza↙️ ???? Via Ruggero di Lauria 87...
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We do lose weight with our system of six weeks

Your personal trainer at Catania

/> Change begins today. Discover what makes the differenza↙️
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would be everyone's dream to increase muscle mass and decrease fat all year semicolon who invented such a method would automatically become the highest paid professionals in the world.
With the principle of short-term body recomposition we can outline to achieve satisfactory results by altering calorie restriction phases to phases of overeating, so we can stimulate the catabolism of fatty tissue, but we also have a phase of overcompensation can support also the muscle.
Because this rotation system?
because if there was only the catabolic phase, in the medium term we would have a quick depression of all the systems that lead us to consume transform macronutrients in calories. We will have a hormone depression and a reduction in liver and muscle glycogen levels which would lead to an increased catabolism of muscle mass.
nothing so complicated is all so linear that is flawless: we alternate step and calorie ipoglucidiche in calorie and low-fat phases. The proteins once again prove crucial body composition having an effect on the tissues selection, preferring lean mass detriment of the fat point is why the protein will always remain on average higher in several days.
the principle of body recomposition in the short period is divided into three phases:
1) the first phase is identified as a catabolic is lasts from day 1 to day 4 half of the (Mon-Wed-mart-1 / Thu, 2): it is formed by a strong caloric restriction coupled to a carbohydrate restriction and a workout in the gym focused on metabolic stress (circuit workouts with low recoveries).
2) Phase anabolic lasts a day and a half
(1/2 Thursday - Friday)
lasts 36-48 hours deformed by overeating coupled to a charge of carbohydrates and a training carried on before charging the same, with a medium and medium intensity repetitions of work.
stabilization phase (Phase Stabilization)
the stabilization phase lasts the rest of the week consists of a balanced normocaloric in nutrients expressed coupled thou recovery workouts.
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