/> Physical activity, movement, creates EMOTION We complain if we are overweight, depressed,...
2020-04-01 15:32:36
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/> Physical activity, movement, creates EMOTION
We complain if we are overweight, depressed, unhappy, do not control the emotion, we are pervaded by Dallos anger and stress. We solve imbottendoci of drugs against influenza, insomnia, cholesterol, headaches and anti stressful.
We waste precious time in bed to cure us, to the doctor to let us advise on which we must take other drugs to mask the symptoms and return to work sitting in front of a PC.
Yet it would be enough, in most cases, move.
Search strategies for a comfortable physical activity is very important to make it a constant habit over time.
The movement practiced regularly has a significant impact on quality of life and well-being.
Playing sports decreases the risk of depression by improving mood. It reduces anxiety and prevents the deterioration of mental functions with the passing of years
The next step will be to adopt a habit.
What? How much? When?
minimal activity, for the minimum time, every day.
it seems a little? Well look on this:
1) if you are a sedentary person, and for years you have not done anything, all you will do more for how little will be gained.
2) then if this little as you complete every day, is no longer so little (remember where you left) with minimal activity.
3) the real goal is to make sure that this behavior becomes something "reiterated" and habit.
4) when the habit has entered into you becoming a BEHAVIOR, you will already changed, inside and out.
5) Once you have acquired a habit you can effortlessly change it by increasing the work. <