PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, IT'S NEVER TOO LATE always a good time right to start doing physical activity,...
2020-04-01 15:22:01
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PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, IT'S NEVER TOO LATE !! Here are the three main benefits

Your personal trainer at Catania


always a good time right to start doing
physical activity, even from
a practice of regular physical activity, even in old age, it is one of the safest ways to improve the health and extend life expectancy.
is proven fact that physical workout with a personal trainer in your city, in this case in Catania, acquires particular importance in the elderly because it helps to maintain a good balance of health of the body and all its systems , to slow the physiological aging process, as well as improving the vascular and respiratory systems.

According to a recent study also in the third
the ability to build muscle mass it is the same
athletes. All involved in the study have carried weight training and muscle biopsies performed 48 hours before and 48 hours dopol'allenamento
have shown that the ability to increase muscle mass was identical between the two groups. Obviously
play exercise so continuous and overall health, but also
start in old age helps prolonged is the best way to improve your status
to delay the frailty and muscle weakness inherent aging. "
But what are the real benefits of this activity? Here are the three main benefits that you can get training with a personal trainer in a continuous and constant:
1) Skeletal Muscle. The gentle exercise gives more firmness and elasticity to the muscle structure, accustoming the body to use muscles that do not usually use. The full use of your body will let you fight aging and keep the body healthy for longer. The 'regular activity increases bone density and reduces the likelihood of one of the most dreaded bone disease in old age: osteoporosis.
2) respirators. Breathing is the first element upon which the gentle exercise: stretching exercises that compose it allow you to train the mobility of the chest and lead a controlled and conscious breathing. Best also the functionality of the respiratory muscles and joint movement between the vertebrae and ribs, increasing or maintaining the elasticity of the lung tissue.
Psychological and Social. That is why this activity is recommended to improve health not only physical but also psychological, with very positive effects on intellectual performance, mitigating the anxiety and improvement of sleep and mood. The gentle exercise also helps the social point of view because it allows you to meet other people with your needs from the physical point of view and then to socialize and make new friends.