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2020-04-01 15:20:07
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Personal trainer what it cost me? Let's find out


!! Do not just buy at the lowest price !!
Once personal trainers were only in service for the super rich, we spotted normal only in the photographs of paparazzi entourage of a celebrity.
But as fitness centers have spread across the country, the number increased personal trainer, get one became a real possibility for the average person.
"I'm really much more affordable than people might think."
It is no longer just about lifting weights and cardio work, but today it is more than assistance in developing a healthy and fit life. "
prices vary depending on the region and of course will be higher in urban areas than in the suburbs.
am of the opinion that getting a trainer in a commercial fitness center is probably the cheapest way , as a fitness trainer in private practice will inevitably have a greater rise the number of a person sessions needs may vary, but recommend at least, in general, two a week. Although the lasting sessions typically a 'now.
I remind you that money is not everything when it comes to choosing a personal trainer. "Do not just buy at the lowest price" ,. "cheaper trainers are not necessarily the best trainer.
They also may not be the worst, but there are other things to consider. "
Starting from a base of 25 Euros per hour, you can be up to 100 euro per hour, more if it is a graduate instructor who works at home.
take into account many factors, including three that are crucial to understanding the value and then establish personal trainer rates: the preparation, the place of the activity and practice.
a personal trainer can have in fact achieved some certificates of qualification or rather getting a university degree in physical education (three to five years of study) and perhaps a master's degree: the training can be time consuming and expensive, however, ensures the customer a professional and safe approach. the activity, then, can be done at home or in the gym, so it will be considered the transfer time, space and equipment, tax charges s and personal trainer is not an employee, rent and utilities, in short, all expenses included.
My rates Personal Training?
I do this work for years, and all the people I meet and who need my help to get back in shape, I always ask the same question: How much does a personal trainer
in Catania?
Many require dry figures, but it is not always possible to make a dry calculation, because vatiabili to consider also depend on the type of activities that must be addressed, from time to devote to the customer, and so on.