Nowadays, although he knows the #benefici, many people turn to ride a #palestra or generally...
2019-12-12 18:11:15
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Your first lesson in the gym with #mPTraining

Your personal trainer at Catania

Nowadays, although he knows the #benefici, many people turn to ride a #palestra or generally doing #sport because you do not feel comfortable, because they #paura #giudizio of others or for fear of to fail.
This feeling against gyms is due to various reasons, from simple fear to fit into an unfamiliar environment, fear of being judged for imperfections or for the lack of a tonic and in the form #fisico .
Regardless of the source of anxiety, we want you to reflect on some points so as to stop using shame as #scusa not train!
1. Self-esteem ????
When you go to the gym, do it for you. Love yourself as you are, because you're working to better the quality of your life through movement.
2. You are there for the same reason everyone ????
The gym is not a place for perfect people, it is simply a place for people like you, who are trying to work on their own health in order to live a long and healthy life.
3. In the company ???? ♀️
Addressing a new environment is easier if you do it in company. This is to overcome the initial hurdle, but after very little you will find that the atmosphere in our firm is very relaxed and friendly, and you will feel instantly at home.
4. Choose a PT.
We are biased to say that a confidential environment can help overcome the first obstacles ?? ????
Now write in the comments how you overcame your fear the first time!