To train your back in gym- The oarsman better with the dumbbell or a barbell? let's find out...
2019-11-29 13:07:54
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Oarsman with barbell or dumbbells? Which to choose and why?

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To train your back in gym- The oarsman better with the dumbbell or a barbell? let's find out together!
As part of a comprehensive program of muscle hypertrophy, which aims to achieve the real physical Beach, exercises for the development of the back are the protagonists of another fixture of the week in the weight room, classically on Wednesday in a split classic three times a week.
Today I want to address a topic of interest with regard to the increase of the back muscles through exercise that can be done through many variations.
Better make the rower with the barbell or the dumbbell?
I can anticipate that both exercises provide complete adduction of the scapulae and a subsequent pure extension of the humerus with an excursion of movement halved by an incomplete elongation with the shoulder that departs from 90 degrees of flexion up to a complete shortening elbows pushing from behind. The more stimulated muscles are adductors of the shoulder blades and latissimus dorsi.
L 'proper performance of the rower with the barbell standing plans to adopt a grip with little more wide grip of the shoulders by taking the classical position of Hip Hinge. To ensure an acceptable motion excursion is fundamental incline the trunk forward bringing it almost parallel to, maintaining the physiological lordosis with the pelvis in anteversion.
Precisely this is the most important point to be evaluated to be able to choose whether to perform a rower with the rocker arm or with the handlebar:
In fact, in the execution of this exercise is necessary to have a great motor pattern and a physiological length hamstring muscle to allow the 'anteversion of the pelvis.
addition also possible to evaluate dorsal kyphosis that can direct towards the rocker or to the choice of dumbbells. In many
Gym we see many cases where users perform these exercises with back curves that are completely reversed going to risks of injury and intervertebral discs.
What should be done in these cases?
First, it should intervene on the basic motor pattern and possibly choose the exercise with dumbbells because it certainly provides greater mobility of the shoulder blades. Also I can tell you another variant not advisable to open in-depth brackets in this article) is the rower version of an incline bench that allows to overcome the two problems listed above.
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