/> The scale is not everything Our body weight is the set of muscle tissue, bone, what will...
2019-10-03 18:34:11
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THE BALANCE IS NOT EVERYTHING ...... find out together

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/> The scale is not everything
Our body weight is the set of muscle tissue, bone, what will happen which can be grouped into two main categories

1) lean mass
2) fat mass
have used the yardstick to measure your hip circumference, tummy, waist and thighs and figure out if your diet works? You did not?
you there in front of your balance and deeply hate: even this morning that damn needle is still the same weight and just do not want to get off.
Try to measure up! Knowing the dimensions of your body, in fact, you may find that despite the scales tell you that the weight is stopped, the centimeters of your critical points have greatly decreased compared to the beginning of your path.
When we buy or we lose weight vary mainly three components: -Water,
-Mass contractile
fat -Mass
The fluctuations that we often see on a daily basis balance is that you are so alarmed or rejoice mainly to the water, which can easily vary by a pound during our day.
To have instead an estimate of what we are losing in the areas that interest us, it takes a balance and a meter.
Measure the circumference of your body, mainly life - fianchi- thigh and weigh yourself at the same time.
You lost cm mainly in circumference waist / hip?
Or in those arms / thighs?
We analyze what happens if changes are borne by the waist hips rather than on arms and legs
In the first case, if the variations are charged to the waist and hips are substantially at the expense of fat mass, while that relative to the arms and legs can be influenced in such a significant way even by metabolically active lean body mass.
Obviously there are more accurate ways to measure subcutaneous fat such as the use of a skinfold calipers but meters and scales are tools present in every home that does not require any specific skills to be used.
What advice I often is to not weigh yourself in a frantic because as I said before the weight can change in a sudden and from day to day.
My advice is to weigh yourself in the morning just woken up without going to the toilet, everything for 4 consecutive days and only then do the arithmetic.
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