Among the various alternatives we can find in the gym without a doubt is the use of a machine as...
2019-10-02 15:10:27
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Flat bench to multipower or free barbell? Let's find out

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Your personal trainer at Catania

Among the various alternatives we can find in the gym without a doubt is the use of a machine as the multipower.
The following machinery is structured with the rocker arm that runs inside two guides which constrain the movement and affect the execution of an exercise.
We are now going to analyze from a muscular point of view Everything about the flat bench made with the rocker Libero;
In the gym we can see a lot of guys who use this machine because they consider the "EASY" but WE ARE YOUR SURE THIS IS ALL that glitters is gold?
flat bench at MULTIPOWER-
During the flat bench barbell must fulfill a trajectory that starts from the neck and reaches the line of the nipples or slightly below the end of the breastplate;
In this trajectory, if we have the side vision, we guarantee a trend of an I tilted.
Provides excellent running with elbows that will be positioned always under the rocker arm while keeping the forearms perpendicular to the ground in order to avoid risky humerus rotations.
This trajectory can not happen when we work with Multipower because you can make movements on the sagittal plane (forward- backward) the famous I incline, we've seen before, you can literally scordarvela you should decide whether to start with the neck barbell or directly to the level of the nipples, then forcing you to always keep that trajectory during the thrust.
In my personal training business in Catania I often respond to statements like:
-Massi do chest multipower to grow because more muscularly!
I respond by saying that the muscle will grow but always as the latter is a mere executor. But technically we are doing well?
We must learn to detach ourselves from the shallowness of thought and begin to address the more in depth discussion.
Perform the classic flat bench without constraints ensure a target muscle stimulation, an optimal recruitment of stabilizing muscles, an optimal stimulation of the pectoralis major reducing articular forcing.
will guarantee a larger motor luggage through improving proprioception and body schema.
Another question that many would love to pose and ':
I can not make the bench press because I no imbalance !?
I remind you that basically what stabilizes artificially functionally
destabilizes What does it mean?
means that initially you will be very difficult because you have to work hard initially on coordinating and only then you can concentrate on the load.
I can safely say that this is the right road to improvement, both of motor skills that a broader concept like that quote.
If YOU are looking for a good training method that you can help to increase your muscle mass do not hesitate to contact us through our Facebook business page.
I want to clarify that our training programs can pleasure as pleasure, but what I can assure you that actually work.