This is the fundamental mesocycle to begin to set up a training schedule for creating a good...
2019-10-01 14:33:36
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Your personal trainer at Catania

This is the fundamental mesocycle to begin to set up a training schedule for creating a good physical structure, especially at the level of muscle mass. The principles to build a good training program are so many, you go, for example, the volume, intensity, density of the training session. Try to vary these parameters and program with defined and effective protocols does is make the training as productive as possible.
Many kids during my first thing they ask me a lot of advice in the gym: I want to grow
Create a good starting point with a good structured program is definitely what is right for us. My personal training business in Catania aims to create a series of two- or three weekly training programs with regard to the increase in muscle mass and personalized well-structured.
Let me explain now my way of acting with some fundamental rules upon which I rely to create a good training program according to the specific objective in the period called "MASS."
NB THERE CARD FOR MUSCLE MASS AND CARD FOR THE DEFINITION WHY ARE THE TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COIN (This is because the energy expenditure induced by training with weights is not so relevant. Lose weight through workouts on high reps, or opposed putting the crowd with a medium to low range and high loads, is pure utopia)
Split the exercises at the gym in two broad categories
1) Basic exercises
2) complementary exercises
the basic exercises have the character to be multi-joint as they involve large muscle chains as well as the joints, these types of exercises have the ability to cause major hormonal cascades profits from a physiological point of view to muscle growth .
The complementary exercises instead as it says the same word used by completion, differ from the first to the local specificities, or indeed specific to the muscle in question, and to be single joint.
In a good workout schedule these two large families to be used in a suitable way to achieve the just and effective mechanism to promote good muscle growth.
In my programming the basic exercises are always inserted at the beginning of a training card, which can go from an 8 × 3, 4 × 6, 5 × 5, 4 × 6 (all of these combinations have on average 24 -25 total reps).
We can not get to failure but we have to use an average of 80% load up our ceiling. The recoveries were from 90 "up. Followed soon after
complementary exercises that the main objective is to go to complete the job by finishing tutto.Qui is a must deplete energy reserves, pumping blood to the muscle, get to the concentric failure and wanting even further through series of high intensity that we can insert (superset, xrep, stripping, etc.). The repetitions should be up by 12 and we can do 1-2 sets to exercise (if you squeeze all the way not to need more).
Sample chest card / Bic
flat bench bil 4x4 / 6 + 2N
high cables Crosses 1x6 / 8 SS
Curl 2 bil / 3x5 / 8
Curl ups cables 1X8 / 12 SS
Scott bench 1X12 / 15
If yOU are looking for a good training method that you can help you increase your muscle mass do not hesitate to contact us through our Facebook business page.
I want to clarify that our training programs can pleasure as pleasure, but what I can assure you that actually work.