#MPTRAINING CATANIA- YOU AT THE CENTER OF THE FITNESS ???? One of the main tasks of the personal...
2019-09-11 14:12:09
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If you know, choose otherwise you think you're choosing

your personal trainer in catania


???? One of the main tasks of the personal trainer that comes well before the preparation of any training program with overloads, is the evaluation of the state of form of his client for the type of activity that will be carried out
???? ⛔️ ❌Often and willingly in environments such as gyms the new member is literally left to himself ... at the mercy of his false convictions matured by hearsay here and there and, even more worrying, at the mercy of his mistakes in the execution of the exercises that not only will not bring positive results but could create serious injuries ▶ are Regularly practicing a physical activity is one of the best habits capable of guaranteeing physical wellbeing
▶ ️There is to be pointed out that, doing exercises and training for a sporting activity does not necessarily mean being subjected to strenuous and heavy training; the right dose of weekly sport, practiced with constancy and regularity, makes you feel fit and prevents the onset of diseases

THE CHOICE IS UP TO YOU !!! Don't wait for the RIGHT time to do anything!
The only right time is NOW!
Here's how to get back in shape without LOSING any more precious TIME!

If you are already thinking of taking this route
it means that you managed to make the ▪️FIRST STEP FORWARD: you have already found the strength to face the problem!
✔️ within our package formulas the first visit and formulation of the diet by the nutritionist we work with is always included -
✔️ training with our TEAM 2/3 times a week you will surely get excellent results
✔️ we monitor you during the training so as to prefix the caloric amount to be burned each time!
✔️ we will provide you with a pedometer, to be used in your daily life, in order to stimulate you and implement a greater movement in your lifestyle!

Having said that, all you have to do is leave us your contact in order to get you back in our secretarial service which will explain everything in detail and fix immediately or an appointment with OUR TEAM