/> When we talk about training programs especially in the start-up phase, everyone expects very...
2019-08-23 18:56:52
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Define the starting point to reach your GOAL

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/> When we talk about training programs especially in the start-up phase, everyone expects very high intensity cards with millions of training techniques. I'm sorry to disappoint you but my aim is not to make you tired to give you the feeling of having worked, but to bring you towards the goal. Creating a regional cycling plan will bring you the results without having to do as many strange things as many believe. Life is really simple and you can't understand why we insist on making it complicated.
After so much experience in the field I can tell you that the programs designed and created ad hoc let you get more results than those who "create" cards with devastating exercises Only for the sake of going out destroyed by the training session.
Precisely for this reason each program goes to bed in its codes: the series, the recoveries, the volumes, the intensity that are used.
It is really sad but the reality of today is that we are not used to seeing good programming, I hear some of my colleagues say that it is useless and unsustainable. Many don't want to waste time on calculations or progressions but in the end they will be the ones that will get you the goal you've always wanted.
The first necessary step and understand the starting point:
1) Metabolic state.
2) Percentage of initial fat.
3) Physical fitness level

Weight loss and increased muscle mass are different parameters and we need to act differently. In my personal training activity in Catania we are aware of the importance of customization and it is for this reason that we try to create a tailor-made suit for the subjects who rely o