Knowing the best time to do cardio will help you improve the results of your workout. Today we...
2019-06-10 12:44:23
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Aerobic activity and weights in the same session? YES IF YOU KNOW HOW TO DO

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Knowing the best time to do cardio will help you improve the results of your workout. Today we will explain you when to do aerobic exercise

It depends on the goal. If we talk about weight loss, understood as loss of fat mass, then, weights and aerobic activity are two complementary activities that, if implemented in a program in a strategic way, will allow you to burn fat and maintain muscle mass.

If taken alone, cardio training contributes very little to build muscular, slender and athletic figures. But if combined with an appropriate weight-lifting program and practiced with the right frequency - even a few short cardio sessions a week are enough - it could do just for you to increase your muscle mass more effectively.

Pushing and pulling weights is one thing, running another very much. Furthermore, if we really want to be realistic and to be honest, there are two forms of physical activity in antithesis, but paradoxically, if well assembled in a logical and effective training program, they can give amazing results in terms of weight loss and lean mass maintenance

if you do 20 minutes or more of cardiovascular work before working out with weights, you will empty the glycogen muscles, and you will have used up most of the adrenaline reserves and mineral salts with water, since you will be losing. And you will be in a very bad condition to train with machines efficiently and with barbells and dumbbells. In reality, to push and pull with strength and vigor you must have the adrenal and electrolytic reserves crammed, not emptied.