You are a boy and you are not very motivated to train your legs, do you prefer to increase the...
2019-04-08 10:43:56
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The 5 good reasons to train your legs in the gym


You are a boy and you are not very motivated to train your legs, do you prefer to increase the muscular masses in the upper part of your body, arms and chest shoulders?
Unhappy with their physical form, in particular that of legs and thighs that appear to be less tonic, if not flabby? Are they afraid of not being able to show themselves on the beach and that, by now, there is no more time to make up for it?
How many times in the gym have we heard the phrase "I don't want to train my legs because I play a lot of soccer."?

Like all people (or almost) who attend the gyms, training the legs is always set aside for chest, back, shoulder and arm exercises, and perhaps at the end of the week there is a time cutout to train them just enough .

"Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level, always try to work to the fullest of your abilities
Maybe you think that exercising your legs is not important or that your legs already seem "strong enough". Or maybe ... you just don't like it. Before making the wrong decision, here are 5 reasons why you should not forget to train this part of the body as well.

To get lean and toned legs: this is clearly the first goal you train for. Certainly it answers to our vanity, but it is welcome if this means finding the right stimulus to train. Having beautiful legs to show off is a common dream, and by training the legs, the buttocks are also trained, so these exercises are among the most functional from an aesthetic point of view.

Many of the exercises you do for your legs include exercises that set many other muscles in motion. Squats, for example, are designed for the legs but also work the buttocks, the back muscles of the thighs, inner and outer thighs and finally even the core (the central muscles of our body). Furthermore, leg workouts also act as cardio exercises, as well as strength exercises.

3 Grow up too!
Muscle growth always has to do with the hormones produced by our body and just the training of the legs stimulates the production of the latter more than any other muscle group. The legs are made up of enormous muscles, quadriceps, buttocks, hamstrings and calves which, when pressed together, stimulate the production of growth hormone, GH, and testosterone. Therefore, if you train your legs with exercises such as deadlifts, squats and lunges, using important loads you will grow and strengthen the upper part of your body.

4 Stimulates weight loss!
That weight loss is achieved with diet is a fairly obvious thing, but is there a muscle group that is able to stimulate weight loss more than others? Guess what? They are really the legs! This muscular district, if stimulated properly, raises the endogenous production of good hormones, such as Gh and testosterone, and it is these hormones produced that burn fat and decrease the amount of fat mass present in our body.

5 Prevent back pain:
some of the back pains can be caused by weak stabilizing muscles. By stabilizing muscles we mean all those responsible for controlling the rotation of the body and postural activity. They are an important component in fitness for the prevention of injuries, so concentrating on the legs is a must to think about how much these exercises improve back stability by preventing pain.