As is well known the world of physical activity, fitness of the gyms and full of false,...
2019-04-03 14:14:02
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As is well known the world of physical activity, fitness of the gyms and full of false, misleading news, which can make anyone doubt.

The only parameter we will have as a reference point will be scientific studies.
My activity as a Inghe personal train in Catania has always been based on the scientific nature of the facts, going back to studies and checks carried out on the field by illustrious representatives of our physical world.

today we are going to summarize the false myths surrounding the world of sport and in particular inherent to the activity for weight loss.
Do I need another week to lose weight?
the answer is: it depends
If the main goal is weight loss we must first understand the starting point from which we start, Unfortunately the bitter truth is that to have satisfactory results you have to play sports at least 3 - 5 times a week as reported by the "Business Insider".

"circulation" the most authoritative scientific journal in the field of cardiovascular research reveals that to have excellent results you should train at least four times a week

A false myth that often circulates is that the best time to devote yourself to sporting activity is necessarily in the morning.

scientifically we cannot limit the results to certain time slots, perhaps in the future when scientific research will help us, we could understand more about the time slots in which we can train ourselves and get better results

It is not true that by doing gym the fat is transformed into muscles as it involves two different types of fabric. Weightlifting helps to develop muscles but does not necessarily burn fat. Eating healthy, taking vegetables, fiber and protein-rich foods is the best solution.

To lose weight the best combination there can be is sport and a balanced diet.