Frustrated because you give yourself so much to do but your metabolism is slow? Have you already...
2019-03-25 15:18:51
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Want to increase your metabolism? Follow these simple rules

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Frustrated because you give yourself so much to do but your metabolism is slow? Have you already experienced the madness of certain diets or the half-poisoning of magic pills and herbal teas?
As usual it is not the fastest way to lead us to the finish line but our intelligence. Specifically they are more elements put together that allow us to reactivate the metabolism. Simple mechanism whose understanding will allow us to make the most consistent choices.

But what is the much vaunted metabolism and how is it accelerated?

metabolism is the speed at which our body burns calories to satisfy its vital needs

How do you accelerate?
Everything in a few steps
Our working method allows us to be able to follow our kids outside the gym too. We have since delivered a pedometer that allows us to contribute significantly to increasing metabolism, in fact we put our kids in the best possible conditions.
Here are my guidelines for increased and effective metabolism

Take advantage of every opportunity to make the move

Use the stairs instead of 'elevator, go to work on foot or get off a stop earlier or park the car as far as possible and take a walk of 5 min on the way and 5 min on the way back

In the gym how to behave?
Let's start with saying that the muscle exercises indirectly increase the metabolism thanks to the increased secretion of anabolic hormones and the consequent accumulation of muscle mass and are the most suitable ones.

Why is low intensity activity not indicated?

Resistance activities greatly accelerate the metabolism during exercise, keeping it high even for 4-8 hours; instead they have a modest effect on the basal metabolism since they tend to leave the muscular masses unchanged.