Guys good morning today I would like to address a particular topic with you especially for men,...
2019-03-15 19:56:02
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the 3 errors that EVERYONE COMMIT in the gym in chest training

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Guys good morning today I would like to address a particular topic with you especially for men, or work on one of the most fascinating muscles like the breastplate.
Many contact us with the desire to see this muscle grow so much but most of the time they never have the desired results.
Let's start talking about the postural aspect:
The position of the deltoid that must never be ahead of the center of the neck and the ear. (see rotator cuff).
The position of the anterior deltoid with respect to the upper pectoralis, in the case in which the first condition occurs there is the presence of a hump and therefore the upper portion of the pectoral is hidden
This evaluation is basic, in fact if the deltoids they are forward receive the stimulus before the pectorals, since, being forward with respect to the center of the neck, they receive an excessive part of the load which is consequently subtracted from the chest.

Executive and purely practical aspect:
Let's analyze what are the four errors on why the bib fails to grow:
The incorrect execution on the flat bench:
Many users in the gym during the performance of the flat bench, and in particular during the push phase, release the shoulders, that is they carry the shoulders above the chest. This movement mentioned above, error, makes the bib work in a reduced range. Correct execution:
A good trick is to isolate the chest as much as possible, arching the back and giving the shoulder blades during the pushing movement, taking care to keep the shoulders low.

Error of execution of crosses on flat bench with handlebars: many of you perform this exercise And by having two handlebars touch the final phase, the classic sound caused by the impact and two dumbbells can also be heard. This execution steals retirement from the pectoralis major, thus not favoring the development of the same muscle. The advice I give you is to make the chest work always in a continuous tension. Both in the eccentric and in the concentric phase.
The last error concerns the inclination of the bench, that's why:

The first 30 ° inclination of the benches are not very profitable, the optimal angle goes from 33 to 40 °, eye to push the neck on the bench, will give you more strength, and in case of instability open the back that will widen the support base.