How many times have we set ourselves to lose weight and we have not succeeded? How many times...
2019-03-13 15:19:02
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Have you decided to get back in shape? IT WAS TIME!!! WE ARE WITH YOU!

Do you go fourth but then lose the determination? IF IT'S YOUR CASE .....

How many times have we set ourselves to lose weight and we have not succeeded?
How many times have we decided to do physical activity and then everything has vanished?

!! Maybe you don't have what it takes to reach those goals ...
Maybe bad luck keeps haunting you ...
Maybe it's not the right time ...
Or maybe ... ( but it is only my hypothesis) you are not putting us enough willpower !!
Well, you're not the only one and this article could be for you.
Many times it is not only important to set sports goals, but you need to put in place effective strategies to get positive results and motivate yourself for further goals
Whether it's dieting, doing activities Physically, quitting smoking or other behaviors related to well-being and health, most people believe that loss of will is the main barrier to change.
The lack of willpower and self-discipline often stems from a spasmodic attention to the search for short-term pleasure at the expense of long-term happiness.
Every time we postpone what we should do to do what we would like, we are putting present pleasure before our future happiness. It is a choice on which we have full power, and it is a choice we are called upon to make dozens of times a day

Alone, however, will power can do little. It certainly represents the driving force to act in the established direction, but what supports and strengthens it are other related components, including:

Establishing the initial motivation for the change:
I would like to start by talking of goals that are the starting point of every challenge, Once you have the path in mind it will be extremely motivating to realize that you have made your way over the various short-term goals!

Proceeding step by step:
it is desirable to set goals that are achievable and therefore start with simple and clear objectives, so as to have a greater chance of reaching them and therefore will give you more energy to develop further your willpower.

Set a time: this point is closely linked to the organization of the program to be followed, in the sense that when you set yourself a goal set the hours of the day to be dedicated to that goal. Example, I want to go running at 7.00 in the morning and for 1 hour, 1h30 I don't want to think about anything other than that goal