It often happens to you to go to the gym and do your own thing, and not having any kind of...
2019-02-13 18:44:30
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The six most common mistakes you make in the gym

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It often happens to you to go to the gym and do your own thing, and not having any kind of guidance you won't get the desired results or even worse the situation. Now I will list the six most common mistakes that are made in the gym without a proper guide:

1) DO NOT HEAT - A proper warm-up followed by a stretch immediately afterwards allow you to be able to perform a great workout and avoid any accidents.

Remember that heating allows you to be able to push the stretch done afterwards to the maximum, at the end of the workout it allows you to feel relaxed and not stiffened as in the opposite case, or
In case of lack .

2 -Go to the gym just to do cardio:
Going to the gym just to do a cardio activity session on the one hand can certainly be useful but on the other hand, scientific studies show that a mixed activity between cardio and weights with intensity levels between high, medium and low can lead to an optimal weight loss.
It has also been found that high intensity training (HIIT) with short breaks can contribute more dramatically to reducing body fat.

3- Do not do strength training:
if as we said before, cardio training is excellent because it improves mood, improves sleep but REMEMBER that you should never miss training power.
Strength training allows you to tone your muscles and give them the right importance so you can increase your basal metabolic rate and burn more fat even when you're not in the gym.
Even consume fat while you sleep.

4- Fear of muscle pains:

Muscle pain is a part of training that indicates that the muscles have worked, some even go in search of those that are constantly technically called delayed muscle pain (DOMS).
What to do in case of muscle pain?
Should we continue to train?

It can happen that after an intense workout our muscles are particularly affected so in this case the rest is absolutely necessary. The most suitable activity if we wanted to train on the day would be to work at very low intensity to make muscles exude to release toxins.
Your training is not very varied -

training is the most important thing but when we only do the same exercises without changing them, it happens that the body adapts .
This adaptation leads to a stalemate. In essence, the training stimulus must always be varied with the quantity and intensity that will be the two parameters to be always taken into consideration. how? The type of exercise, the angle of contraction, the type of grip will be those characteristics that will make our training as adequate and correct as possible, always giving the body a new stimulus. A good training routine must include work on heating, strength, elasticity.