/> What are the points of a personal trainer deontological code? ???? The personal trainer must...
2019-02-11 21:07:03
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What are the points of a personal trainer deontological code?

We invest a little of our time and choose our employees well

/> What are the points of a personal trainer deontological code?

???? The personal trainer must represent professionalism or: be educated in the ways and language used, have a well-groomed appearance that reflects the concept of well-being and physical activity, do not let go to useless forms of exhibitionism during the session, getting in tune with the client but without becoming his "best friend" or his "trusted confessor", giving the session the right economic value without "selling out", not invading the skills of others, taking care of example of medical disciplines (a classic example of this last aspect is the Personal Trainer who prepares diets to his clients without having the adequate qualification to practice this activity).

How to evaluate the professionalism of your personal trainer? First of all, ascertaining their educational qualifications. It should preferably be a graduate in Sports Science, specialized in the reference discipline (eg swimming, pilates, yoga, tennis, etc.). Experts advise to be wary of those who do not have any specific qualifications and only cover themselves with years of practice: the practice cannot replace fundamental knowledge to safeguard health and to operate correctly.

It is also necessary to look with suspicion at the personal trainer who does not consider the needs of the individual client, who offers training that is too hard (maybe you practice Monday and you can't even get out of bed because of pain), and that does not employ a medical team that can help you in an emergency. Of course be wary of the personal trainer who spends the session of {#training} with you attached to the phone to chat more and less with friends.
We cannot think that the Personal Trainer is solely a physical expression and not at all educational. It is necessary to learn the basics of medicine, biology, physiology to understand how to effectively plan a specific physical job while preserving the client's health. We all come from the same rules of nature and we need to know them.

We must get out of the idea that we can be all-rounders. The collaboration between professional figures makes it possible to reach the goal more effectiv