With the arrival of summer the people join the gym to get fit but, too often, the lack of...
2019-02-10 14:47:42
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Your Personal Trainer in Catania

With the arrival of summer the people join the gym to get fit but, too often, the lack of experience means that after the first month all the energies and good intentions fail due to the difficulty in reaching results. Yes
Training with a qualified personal trainer means having a professional able to recommend the most suitable physical activity for your goals. The aim is to help you set 100% personalized goals. These goals will allow you to achieve a new dynamism and to achieve your best.
Not only that, thanks to personal training you can keep motivation high and follow your training more consistently.

The cost is certainly related to the number of lessons that you want to follow, and I can assure you that even a small 10-lesson pass will give excellent results: a good basis for moving forward even by yourself and a positive experience to repeat.

1) With a personal trainer, you will better understand the advantages and benefits of the proposed exercises: you will be constantly with you so you can be sure of what you are doing.

2) How often do we train without getting the desired results? Sometimes, despite our good will, the problem is that we are not doing the right exercises. Better cardio training or strength training? Is it better to run or walk faster? The personal trainer will give us the right answer based on our goals.

A qualified personal trainer is able to set the right training to achieve the goals in the shortest possible time, managing series, repetitions and breaks in the correct way.


Laziness, the conviction of not knowing how to train, the idea of ​​immersing oneself in an unknown context such as fitness, are just some of the factors that can discourage who would like to start doing physical activity to get better but cannot find the right motivation.

Safety of training

Generic training, as well as ineffective, can even be harmful.

The damage is represented by the worsening of the physical condition or the injury, which can be minor, such as in cases of muscle strain or tendon inflammation, or serious, as in cases of breakage of ligaments or herniated discs, just to name a few.