RiminiWellness is the largest event in the world dedicated to fitness, wellness, business,...
2018-12-20 10:49:33
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RiminiWellness is the largest event in the world dedicated to fitness, wellness, business, sport, physical culture and healthy eating, an event that brings together all the major companies in the wellness universe under one roof: from manufacturers of machines to physical activity at gyms, schools and trade associations, physicists, through relaxation spas, rehabilitation sciences, dance, but also tourism and design.
Also this year rimini WELLNESS has been able to convey to the many visitors, professionals and sports lovers, an atmosphere full of well-being and novelty. The great fitness and wellness schools have reconfirmed themselves as the most important and market leaders.
Functional training school, zumba fitness, Virgin active and all the integration companies Prozis, 4plus, Whey nutrition, in fact, have shown an incredible charisma and energy.
I can say that I am relapsing at the Rimini fair in fact already last year I was present at the Kermesse plus IN of Italy regarding fitness & wellness, always finding new and captivating ideas for my work and for my customers. My team and I have been able to see the latest news about free body training, with isotonic machines and tools of various kinds that make physical activity more and more engaging
This year I had the curiosity to test the activity of body tech, a German manufacturer that has put on the market a suit that allows you to train in a very small space, and with electrostimulation activity for your muscles.
After trying I got an idea of ​​what could give me, in terms of services to offer in addition to my boys, or I would use the tool mainly to capture the attention of my athletes in terms of proprioception and muscle activation. I don't think it can be the only activity you can do to achieve important results, but together with other mechanisms, in my opinion, it will be possible to cross that border line until now not exceeded.
The panatta and the technogym always show themselves in search of inspections for their users even though I have to admit that this year, compared to the previous year, they have not shown great news, but the confirmation, if they wanted, of the curved treadmill (SKILLMILL) and rowing machine (SKILLROW). The second company of prodiga always putting itself in the forefront with regards to the quality of its machinery and the elegance of the surrounding environments.
As far as integration companies are concerned, in my opinion this year, they have reached the top with more and more qualitative and easy to transport products. For example, I was struck by the prozis, which also had practical demonstrations of activities such as traction races (also last year) and chalistenics activities next to the stand.
Also this year my ritual was to introduce myself for purchases in a company of which I am absolutely in love with the quality of its tools, namely Kwell.
Kwell is a Romagna company that always includes quality tools with the possibility of being able to do marketing with personalization. Here, in fact, this year I have further increased the products acquired last year as wallball / powerbag / revoring and a new tool called MEKKANO.
The mekkano, the latest novelty in the kwell house, is a bracket with handles for the various tools, in which it is possible to insert plates, handles and elastic bands for the most varied training methods -
They are not missed the excitement of musical fitness companies. Great sensation has been made by the activities of the Insanity company, standing exactly in front of a large company like Virgin Active Italia, which has been able to transmit great enthusiasm among the people with music and with its own courses, putting in their activities pure adrenaline. Here are many of the enthusiasts who approached to be able to watch the sculpted bodies of the athletes and their movements to the rhythm of music.
Finally, the Zumba fitness company always shows great respect, having, not in order of importance, occupied the entire pavilion with guests of honor like the founder himself, Beto Perez.
Beto Perez has once again demonstrated the superiority, also acclaimed by its representatives around the world and all present on site, of the school that for 15 years, and still is, leader in the market of music associated with dance and fitness.
What do I carry within this 2018 wellness rimini?
I carry in particular the role with which I presented myself at the event. Last year I was a simple fitness user, but this year, after a year spent putting myself on the line with all my strength and prerogatives, I was there to be a well-rounded fitness man. I went to Rimini with the intention of creating a system that is always new for me and my kids, looking for new things to include in my services and in my image as a personal trainer.
I am more and more aware of how much the update in my world counts and for this reason every year for me it will be a must, so that you can experience strong emotions every year and be able to watch this world with the eyes of a child in his own playroom.